About Me


Since childhood I have been a dreamer, a girl who sings to herself and who loves her Creator and the beauty of His creation. I grew up in Wisconsin’s beautiful nature and spent my time writing and drawing and reading. Some of my favorite books were by George Macdonald, an old Scottish author who wrote children’s fantasy with timeless themes of holiness that I still cherish today.

My life has been a winding road that I do not regret in the least, and I have seen the hand of my Shepherd guiding me, in His faithfulness, always back to Him and back to His heart for me and for His creation.

I have wanted to seek out the heart of God through words and their themes in the Bible for some time and have been struggling with what medium would serve this task best. Having went to school for film, first at Columbia college and then at Moody Bible Institute, I first wanted to make short narratives out of what I learned, but I quickly realized this was not suited for the task. That, or I just can’t keep what I have to say that short 😂

I am now happily married and have a precious toddler and am able to be a stay-at-home mom. Deciding what is important and what can be left for another time is part of everyday life, and as I was defining what I would like to focus my limited time on, God brought me back to this purpose. To study words and their themes in the Bible and to make it into a blog. I will also be including thoughts I have as I study and go through life as a child of God.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you and I pray you are encouraged in the knowledge of our wonderful God.

Grace and peace to you in abundance!

❤ Kara J